This website contains governmental expenditure information from existing financial information systems.  Please note that the data contained on this website is unaudited and unconsolidated and therefore will not reconcile with published financial statements.  The website also excludes information that is considered private and/or protected by state or federal law.

This site contains information, where and when available, in accordance with Hawaii Revised Statutes (H.R.S.) §36-2.5.  Information may not be available due to system limitation and/or privacy issues.

Disclaimer for linked information:

The website contains links to other websites for additional information to the user.  No entity affiliated with, employed by, or constituting part of the State of Hawaii warrants, endorses, assures the accuracy of, or accepts liability for the content of the websites to which links are provided.

Additional Disclaimers:

In accordance with H.R.S. §36-2.5 single expenditure transactions less than $25,000 are excluded.  Where and when available, individual transactions below this threshold may aggregated by department and expenditure type for presentation purposes.

Additional expenditure information excluded and/or aggregated are but not limited to:

  • General Assistance Payments to Individuals
  • Government Employee Salaries and Wages and other payroll related information
  • Reimbursements to government employees for expenses incurred
  • Legal expenditures, payments, and/or settlements

Certain departments and attached agencies may be excluded due to separate financial systems.  Where and when available the Checkbook App may include aggregated information.  These departments and attached agencies include, but are not limited to:

  • Employee Retirement System
  • Employer Union Trust Fund
  • Department of Education
  • University of Hawaii

The Financial Accounting System of the State of Hawaii is FAMIS.  It is the system of record for governmental expenditure transactions.  Some financial data is maintained in other systems and may be periodically reconciled with FAMIS.